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The ministry of our church changes lives both in our church and in the town; it is good that we are here as a continuing Christain presence.  There is so much for which we as a church can be grateful.

This ministry costs money and your giving makes this ministry possible. When we give we express our thanks to God for all he has blessed us with, in our homes and families

Your giving maintains and develops the ministry of the church for all ages, extends our care for the bereaved and the sick, welcomes those coming for baptisms, weddings, and funerals and being active in the mission of God in the town and overseas.

Every penny you give helps pay our bills, for gas and electricity, insurance, and for our clergy and ministers through the parish share.

To do all of this, and more, costs a staggering £965 each week. At the moment we are £100 per week short of this figure ie £3 per individual. 

Time and Talents

You have been blessed with gifts and when you give of time or talents you make the church live. We want to help you use your time to do useful and rewarding things. If you would like to help, please contact the vicar.

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