St Mary in the Baum

Directions to St Mary’s in the Baum


St Mary’s is on the A58

St Mary's Gate


OL16 1DZ


Whilst you can see the church from Hunters Lane, you are best approaching it from the main Halifax-Manchester Road, the dual carriageway, A58, St Mary’s Gate.

Coming from the motorways along Manchester Road, pass the colleges on your left, note tower blocks on your left, shopping centre on your right, and as you climb the hill on main road move into right lane. You will see the church set back from road. Turn right at gap in carriageway to do a U-turn and park outside or into the car park

Car Parking – 3 options

Park outside – 3 hours free parking and unlimited on Sundays

Park in nearby public Car Park

Park on High Street – but you will have to cross the dual carriage way.

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