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St Chad's and St Mary in the Baum are active in their local communities and are actively considering how we serve our parishes - the people who live around the town centre. Our Mission Action plan has been submitted to the Bishop of Manchester and can be downloaded here.

We work with the number of local partners, including Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale Borough Council, Caring and Sharing Charity, Co operative Funeral Care, Rochdale Connections Trust and the Rotary Club.

Much of our current work is concerned with welcoming asylum seekers and refugees, and supporting them in their dealings with the Home Office.

We are also keen to build relationships between the faiths.



The churches of St Chad’s and St Mary in the Baum are located in the midst of many faiths, most notably Muslim people.

We really value our neighbours and believe that God has commanded us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). 

We do not think it matters which faith our neighbour has.

We also believe that many of the activities we do can be better done together.





St Chad's Place of Welcome now takes place on Friday from 10.30 am to 12 noon.
It's free and friendly.  Please come along and have a chat, enjoy the quiet of the church, or play some board games.  It's up to you!

More about the Place of Welcome idea

Places of Welcome is a growing network of hospitality run by local community groups who want to make sure that everyone in their area has a place to go for a friendly face, a cup of tea and a conversation if and when they need it.

Places of Welcome is a network of small community organisations, including churches like St Chad's, who offer an unconditional welcome to local people for at least a few hours a week.

Places of Welcome developed out of the Birmingham Social Inclusion process ‘Giving Hope Changing Lives’, as a response to the question - Is Birmingham a welcoming city? 

While Places of Welcome began in Birmingham, it is now developing further afield, as people respond to the challenge to make our cities and neighbourhoods more welcoming.

The development of Places of Welcome began with a series of workshops, as part of the Social Inclusion Process, during which we developed a set of guiding principles to which all Places of Welcome agree to. These have come to be known as the 5P’s, they are:

Place:  An accessible and hospitable building, open at the same time every week.

People:  Open to everyone regardless of their circumstances or situation, and staffed by volunteers.

Presence:  A place where people actively listen to one another.

Provision:  Offering free refreshments (at least a cup of tea and a biscuit) and basic local information.

Participation: Recognises that every person coming to a Place of Welcome will bring talents, experiences and skills that they might be willing to share locally.



Supporting those newly arrived as Asylum Seekers and Refugees


We are the two Church of England Churches in Rochdale Town Centre and we are here to help you.
If you are Christian, we hope you will be able to worship with us.
If you are not then please do get involved in other ways. Please see the information below.



St Chad’s, Rochdale Parish Church on Sundays at 11 am.
St Mary in the Baum on Sundays at 9.30 am and Wednesdays at 10 am.
If you wish to be baptised or confirmed please have a word with the Vicar.
A Farsi-English Liturgy translation is available at St Chad’s.

Support and advice

We gather together at St Mary in the Baum on Wednesdays after the 10 am service and offer advice and mutual support.
Come and join in our worship and stay for tea or coffee afterwards.
If you like, please stay for lunch and a concert (ask and we may be able to arrange a free lunch and ticket).

Help with learning English

We are working with the Salvation Army who provide English as a second language classes on Tuesdays from 10 am at the Citadel, Newgate, Rochdale OL16 1AW.  More info from Roy on 0770 839 1667.

Trips and outings

Working with friends of the churches and local partners we organise special cultural events.
Last year a few of us went to the Halle Orchestra and we look forward to other visits in the future.
Come along for more information.

Place of Welcome

This is a community café held at St Chad's offering hospitality to those who are new to the town and also its long standing residents.  It’s free, and a good place to talk or play board games.
All are welcome.

The Red Cross Refugee Hub

We work closely with the Red Cross which meets at St Mary in the Baum on Mondays 10 am to 3pm.
Contact number: 0161 888 8932

The Red Cross provide:

♦ Wellbeing courses
♦ Employability (including CV writing) course
♦ English for Speakers of other Languages
♦ Non specialist casework support
♦ Refugee and asylums seekers volunteering support
♦ Emergency provisions
♦ Open access directories.

About the project:

Greater Manchester Refugee Support Partnership project (GMRSP) is a partnership between Refugee Action, Rainbow Haven, Revive and the British Red Cross.

The partnership aims to:
♦ provide a more welcoming environment for refugees and asylum seekers (RAS)
♦ support RAS to find durable routes out of destitution
♦ improve skills, employability and emotional wellbeing
♦ support better integration of asylum seekers into their local communities
♦ ensure that RAS voices are heard by local and national decision makers
♦ work to improve positive attitudes and better understanding of RAS in the media
   and local communities.



Welcome friends. 

St Chad's and St Mary in the Baum welcome Farsi (Persian) speaking Christians.

You will be very welcome and can be assured of our support as you settle in to the UK.

We plan to develop a fellowship group and hold regular Eucharists ... watch this space.

Sometimes we use both English and Farsi in our worship.

This is the Lord's Prayer;

پس شما اینگونه دعا کنید:
«ای پدر ما که در آسمانی،
نام تو مقدّس باد.

۱۰پادشاهی تو بیاید.
ارادۀ تو، چنانکه در آسمان انجام می‌شود،
بر زمین نیز به انجام رسد.

۱۱نان روزانۀ ما را امروز به ما عطا فرما.
۱۲و قرضهای ما را ببخش،
چنانکه ما نیز قرضداران خود را می‌بخشیم.

۱۳و ما را در آزمایش میاور،
بلکه از آن شرور رهاییمان ده.
زیرا پادشاهی و قدرت و جلال، تا ابد از آنِ توست. آمین.



We are always looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways.

Working with us, partner organisations or sister churches you could help by:

  • Promoting concerts and events

  • Welcoming people to our heritage buildings

  • Supporting the homeless

  • Countering isolation and loneliness

  • Supporting refugees

Please contact us to find out more.

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