St Chad's (Rochdale Parish Church) and St Mary in the Baum
    are two Church of England churches
    working together in and around the town centre of Rochdale. 

    In June 2021 the United Benefice of St Chad,
    St Mary in the Baum and St Edmund, Rochdale, 
    were joined with
    St Luke's Deeplish and St Peter's Newbold
    to create a new team of churches.

    Come and join us for worship on Sundays
    9.15 am : St Mary in the Baum (BCP)
    10.00 am : St Luke's Deeplish
    11.15 am : Rochdale Parish Church of St Chad
    3.00 pm : St Peter's Newbold

    St Edmund's is a closed church
    and in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. 

    We are here for you at the important moments of life
    - Christenings, Marriage and Funerals -
    for the ups and the downs.

    Here you can learn more about our worship
    and how we love God and neighbour,
    our beautiful buildings,
    our work with those who are in need or isolated. 

    We hope to see you in person sometime soon.

    Please see our Safeguarding page for more information



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